Acrylic, pastel, pencil - 45x59cm wood panel

Made in London, UK 2017
Signed, titled and dated on reverse.

free UK shipping // £60 worldwide shipping

How dare you try and make me feel something
Reborn from the stump of the oldest tree in the forest
This haunted room is our own
£85.00 — Sold out
This goldfish bowl is no good for space travel
Chasing that sweet gummy life
I'll Take My Chances With The Piranhas
Trapped Inside An Hourglass We Built Around Ourselves
Haunted by the ghosts of board game tantrums
Planting seeds across the astral plane
The more powerful the poison...
I'll care for them as if they were my own
Bad juju spilling out everywhere
The ghost of invisible friends
Jumping over shadows and oil spills
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